Our Story

Mills Supportive Counseling is a trauma informed practice. Our office Is located in downtown Spanish Fork Utah inside RK Creative Studios. Our setting offers clients a private, quiet, and safe environment in which to identify their therapy goals, explore their negative core beliefs and move toward life altering changes. All abilities can receive services via our virtual individual meeting room. Access to the office is stairs only. We are HIPPA compliant with all our services including online.

Patricia Mills, LCSW

Sometimes we take our mistakes or wrongs too literally. We might assume, that we should focus on our mistakes and failures. It is no wonder we expect to be judged and rejected. Using words like “wrong and defects” does not allow us to gain an understanding of our past or our present. Hearing those words or reading them automatically triggers feeling shame or become self-critical.

Rather than thinking about right and wrong, I will help you discover your strengths and limitations without judgement or blame. You are more than your mistakes or wrongs.

My name is Patricia Mills, LCSW. I am co-owner and founder of Mills Supportive Counseling. Mills Supportive Counseling is a trauma informed practice. You will learn how to overcome your anxieties and manage your emotional reactions and heal from your trauma story. For best results, I use an integrated therapeutic approach that addresses motivation, resistance, behavior, life skills, problem-solving, and relationships. Most of all, I am here to support you through your journey to emotional wellbeing.

I enjoy working with my clients to discover their strengths, achieve their goals, and overcome life’s obstacles. I focus on helping you find and believe in yourself and teach you to accept yourself for who you are right now. When I am not in the office, you will find me with my Golden Retriever and adult children, fishing and camping I find peace in the beauty of the mountains and lakes. Sewing is how I express my creative side.

Cheri Mills, LCSW

When I think about therapy, I often think of the Star Fish Story. There are so many different waves in our lives that can wash us on the shore. We try hard to fight the waves however, at times we need someone to come along and toss us back in to help us have a fighting chance.

As a therapist I feel grateful for the opportunity to assist individuals with gaining skills and healing to have a fighting chance. My name is Cheri Mills, and I am Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I am co-owner of Mills Supportive Counseling. We started Mills Supportive Counseling on the hope to create a trauma informed and safe environment for individuals to have the support he or she needs to work through various traumas, grief, addictions, or mental health issues. Oftentimes individuals who struggle with trauma, grief, addictions or mental health issues just needs someone to listen, reflect back, and support while the individual is healing, accepting, and learning how to adapt. My approach is to use an integrated therapeutic approach to assist with resistance, behaviors, damaging core beliefs, life skills, and relationships. My role as a therapist is to support and assist you along your journey of healing.

I enjoy working with individuals to uncover their inner strengths, find the strengths and positives that come from the darkest times, and empower them to find their voice. Additionally, I love assisting individuals in finding self-love and self-respect. I think my love for this has come from my own personal journey in finding self-love, self-respect, and balance.